Restore The Bean

Coffee changes lives. Coffee provides livelihoods. One bean at a time, coffee matters. 
The ‘human’ bean

The ‘human’ bean

Coffee provides “survival” for the drinker who can’t get through the day without the daily renewal coffee brings, and survival for the 25 million families in communities around the world that farm the beloved bean.

50 years of war has destroyed the coffee farming industry and for that matter, the entire agriculture industry and infrastructure of South Sudan, creating a nation that currently lives in poverty and where food security is the #1 concern of the new government. And this is a country that is blessed with probably the most fertile soil in the world.

South Sudan has been cut off from the world’s export markets physically and emotionally for 30 years. With no markets, there is no trading, which prevented the skilled coffee farmers of South Sudan from growing and selling coffee for their livelihoods. When we realized the need to recreate access to markets and kick start coffee farming in 2012 for our fellow farmers, as lovers of coffee, at Ascension Coffee we decided we needed to do something to help.

Restore the Bean is about re-creating the once thriving coffee industry in the world’s newest country, South Sudan, exporting it for the rest of world to enjoy, while restoring the livelihood and pride of coffee farming to the deserving families that for generations, that’s all they knew.